Monday, February 25, 2019

Reclassifying My Collection

I've been thinking about this for a while.. I think that while I sort through my cards, this may be the best time/way to focus my collection. 

So... What am I focusing on??

Stadium Cards.. 
I'll still be collecting these.. Any and all stadium cards, really. 

Expos.. Yes, I'm still going for the One Million Expos. So all Expos are welcome

Still working on Jays. 

Canadian Born players. Still collecting these. 

In general, what I'm planning on cutting down on are maybe some of the sets I have on the go and some of the other random things I have collecting, like the Diamond Kings cards. 

I just wanted to give an update to the people who read my blog *waves at the 5 or 6 still around* 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

2019 Series 1

I recently took part in a case break of 2019 Topps Series 1 through the Team Collector's group I'm in. 

Obviously, I bought in for the Jays. 

SO.. What did I get??

It seems like I got an average of 6 cards of each player. Borucki had 7, another had 5.
Martin is now a Dodger. 
I also got one of those 150 years of baseball parallels of Danny Jansen. 

One thing I miss seeing regularly is a stadium card.. Nice of Topps to include cards for each stadium this year. (I would also love to collect those..) 

I also got two autographs. 
The Sean Reid-Foley is numbered to 150, while the Jansen is 1/50

I really enjoyed doing the break, guys.. If we do for Series 2 and Update, I'll be in for those too.. 

Of course, I also received some other cards packaged in with these.. 

We have a Vito Chiaravalloti auto card here. 
Tulo makes an appearance here as well.. Of the players in the 9 cards here, only Sanchez, and Smoak are still Jays.

Some other nice ones in here as well.. A couple Denny's cards if I recall correctly. 
The 1992 Post is new to me, as they used a different design for the Canadian Post cereal set. 

A Drew Hutchison Chrome auto card. 
I have to say I'm beginning to see the appeal of the Chrome with some sets. 

All in all, a nice parcel to get. Thanks!!