Saturday, October 29, 2022

Signature Saturday


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I think it's time for signed auto cards

As you can see today's Signature Saturday is Buck Martinez. 
Former catcher, former and current broadcaster, and former manager. 
This is a rather nice card to get signed. 

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Cards From a Trade

 So today I want to show a few cards I got as a result of a couple trades from a member on TCDB. 

That member is Mccammon44.

I just realized that I mixed in another trade as well. Three cards are from Reiss on TCDB. 
Anyway.. I have a Leaf 87, an OPC 87, a Freddie Freeman and a Freddie Benavides for the 92 Ultra set. 
Next some 93 Triple Play.. Love those cards more than 92.. Never saw many of them. I think the 93 and 94 sets were better than the 92.. But the 92 is still miles ahead of the Panini Triple Play hot garbage. 

Finally.. A Wil Cordero Expos card.

I have a bit of a morbid topic as well. Collectors.. .
What will you do with your collection when you pass on? Do you have kids/grandkids who will take up the mantle? Or are you like me with nobody to hand them off to? 
My counselor and I got to talking about it today during our session. It's something that hadn't crossed my mind, even with my near death experience. So, I'm interested to hear from the community..

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Signature Saturday

 This week has been a little trying.. But here I am with another installment of Signature Saturday!

Today is another card I received from a member of the Team Collectors forum.. Sideshow. 

Today is 

Liam Hendriks.. Obviously from his days as a Jay. He's currently on the White Sox. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Signature Saturday

 It's Saturday.. You know what that means....

This week's card is another I received from sideshow. He sent me an envelope with a few Jays from the 80s.

Today's is a guy who always seemed to end up on a knee in the batters box... 

Michigan born but so closely tied to Canada and the Jays he might as well be Canadian, Ernie Whitt. He was born in Detroit... I wonder if *he* was born and raised in South Detroit.. 😜

Of course, "South Detroit" would put him in Windsor, Ontario

Anyway, by a stroke of luck, I was actually sent two copies of this card. If someone else needs an Ernie Whitt for their collection, let me know.. Maybe we can work something out. 

As always, my email is matson67 at hotmail dot com. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Some Oddities

 Today I wanted to show some oddballs and duplicates that are taking up space. 

If you happen to see anything here, let me know.. We can work something out..

Here we have two Nabisco Tradition Jays. Otto Velez and Cliff Johnson. These were part of a set that came in cereals like Shredded Wheat. 

These three are OPCs. None of them fit my collections. 

Topps Magazine Nolan Ryan cards. 

A random Japanese Tanaka card...

A couple Shawn Green Dodgers. The left one is a Post cereal issue.

SI Kids. Don't know where or how I got these...

Finally, some logoless Jays. Diet Pepsi and Post.

As I mentioned.. If you see something you want let me know

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Signature Saturday

 This week's card is a 1986 Topps Dennis Lamp. 

I received this card from Team Collectors member sideshow. 

He piched for the Cubs White Sox, Jays, Athletics, Red Sox, and Pirates. 
1985 was probably one of his best seasons. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

And Now, Back in the Studio

 Today I want to write about 1992 Studio. I found out that I actually have the set completed, but just need two cards to finish my team sets. I need Spike Owen and Devon White. 

1992 Studio was a 264 card set that, instead of showing the normal action shots on the front you have a picture-day style portrait with a black and white grainy shot in the background. 

On the back had biographical information

Here is the information on the back. Stats lovers would hate this set, as traditional stats are nowhere to be found. Instead, it has some personal and career biographical information including hobbies and a player they love and hate to face. 

There was an insert set called the Heritage Series. 

The series showed some stars of the day such as Ryne Sandberg wearing throwback uniforms of the team they were on. So a very nice old Cubs uniform. 

Boggs looks like he'd fit right in with the old Red Sox. 

I don't know if Canseco would have fit in with the Philadelphia A's.. 

Mattingly really makes and Yankees uniform look good.. And I hate the Yankees.. 

Strawberry wearing the Brooklyn Dodgers uni

Will Clark with a New York Giants, though it doesn't look too different from the one they used around that time.

Dawson showing a different Cubs uniform.

Van Slyke with a different Pirates uniform.. Maybe 60s style? 

Pilot Sighting! Molly wearing the short lived Seattle Pilots uni.

Bagwell wearing the Colt 45s uniform. 

Daulton wearing an older Phillies uni.

Kirby with an old Washington Senators uni.

Fisk wearing an old Sox uniform. I think it's from the 20s. 

Finally, Cal wearing a Browns uniform. 

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Signature Saturday

 It's Saturday. Its's October. I think today's a good day for a Space Signature Saturday

Of course, I refer to the Spaceman, Bill Lee.. 
I bought this from First Row Collectibles. 
We have Lee in Wrigley Field wearing an Expos uni. I love the fact that Lee includes the planet we're on, just in case you forget...