Saturday, October 15, 2022

Signature Saturday

 It's Saturday.. You know what that means....

This week's card is another I received from sideshow. He sent me an envelope with a few Jays from the 80s.

Today's is a guy who always seemed to end up on a knee in the batters box... 

Michigan born but so closely tied to Canada and the Jays he might as well be Canadian, Ernie Whitt. He was born in Detroit... I wonder if *he* was born and raised in South Detroit.. 😜

Of course, "South Detroit" would put him in Windsor, Ontario

Anyway, by a stroke of luck, I was actually sent two copies of this card. If someone else needs an Ernie Whitt for their collection, let me know.. Maybe we can work something out. 

As always, my email is matson67 at hotmail dot com. 


  1. Cool card. The 1986 Topps baseball card design looks really nice when signed.

  2. Hearing the phrase "South Detroit" makes me think of that god awful Journey song.