Friday, April 23, 2021

Cards From the Night Owl

 These arrived to me a while back, before I had the laptop in the hospital and when I wasn't feeling as well as I am now. However, I just want to show today me in the physio gym standing doing an exercise. Today was the first day wearing full clothing rather than the hospital gown.

The Occupational Therapist asked me to smile..

Now, onto the regularly scheduled blog content 

Some random cards here including a Rediscover Topps Galarraga

These are NICE!!! 1980 TCMA Syracuse Chiefs. At the time they were a Jays farm team and were for many years. Some recognizable names here too: Mitch Webster, Lloyd Moseby, Willie Upshaw, Jackson Todd, Doug Ault and Garth Iorg. 

I know I thanked you on Twitter, but here's a proper thank you, Greg!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mail and an Update

 I want to show a couple things I got in the mail today. I ordered some cards from First Row Collectibles around my birthday and got it today while in hospital. 

Curtis sent me a few extras as well. 

I apologize for the photo quality. I took pics with my phone using my laptop as the table. 

These are extras thrown in. I was thinking "Oh 78 Topps.. Nice" then I looked.. These are all OPCs! I'm planning on working on 78 OPC at some point, so these help for sure.

I had to. Bill Lee signed card. 

I also got a small envelope from Team Collectors member Therion, Here's what was sent. 

Both shinies. I'm just glad these Donruss cards don't have the same variations as their inspiration..

Now, the update. I'm being told my estimated discharge date is May 5.. I've been wheeling myself to the rehab gym in the mornings and walking there in the afternoons.. I've also been doing stairs in the gym as well.. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

An Update

 I haven't done this recently here so I wanted to give an update on my progress..

I'm walking now with the aid of a walker. I can get out of and back into bed without the sling or mechanical lift. The last two pics are me with the two awesome ladies from physio I deal with. 

As an added bonus, a short video of me walking. 

I still probably have a month or so to go, but I'm progressing well. I want to thank those who read and have commented on my recovery previously, as well as those who follow me on the Twitter machine.