Saturday, February 18, 2017

Catching Up Part 1

It's amazing what a few hours of extra sleep will do.. Felling good right now so I decided to put up this post.

In my last post, I mentioned I had a few trades to cover. They will be broken up in a couple posts, plus my going over a 2017 Topps blaster. 

Today I want to show off my COMC order that came in, plus that field picture I teased last time as well..

First card was a 1974 TCMA 1936-1939 Yankees Dynasty George Selkirk. 
Interesting factoid here: He took over Right Field and #3 from Babe Ruth. 

A Double Memorabilia patch card of Fergie Jenkins and Terry Puhl from the 2011 In the Game Canadiana set. I've decided I must collect this set and all inserts now.. lol 

The set itself is interesting with people from all sports and entertainment. For example: There is a double memorabilia card of Pamela Anderson and Trish Stratus. 

I picked up two Jeff Bagwell Gallery of Stars cards. One for the Triple Play set, one for the Diamond Kings collection. The Jack Morris is likely going to the Jays collection (I'll still have to get one more for the DK) and Bobby Bonilla is going to the Diamond Kings collection as well.. 

Terry Puhl Nestle card! 
1973 Reggie Cleveland OPC card. Through this, I found out Reggie likes skin diving.. 
I picked up the 1977 Rookies card with Andre Dawson rather cheaply. It is a little miscut, but for my purposes it's fine. It goes into the Jays binder due to John Scott. 

Aaron MacKenzie. 
He's a couple years younger than me, but I know him from school. 
Really, I knew pretty well everyone from back home at some point or another.
The reason I picked these up is that he's also from Terrace Bay, Ontario. 

Finally, another Jeff Heath. This one is a HRT/RES 1976 reprint of 1942 Play Ball 

Slowly getting some of the older players, even if it's through reprints. 

Now.. The field... 

This week I had a charter for work where I was bringing kids from the school I drive to from their school to the Lakefield Skating Oval. 

This is a shot I took from the roadway. There is a small parking lot there that is full of soft snow, so I didn't bring my bus in there. Over the berm is a speed skating oval. This is all outdoors. And all available to the public to use. 

Just to give more context, here's the truck that does the flooding and plowing of the oval. 

In a way, I feel bad because I should have gone down and gotten a picture of the oval proper, but hindsight is 20/20. 

Just in case you're curious about the oval, here's a link to it.. 

Tomorrow I'll cover one of the trades I made, and Monday will be the other. I have Monday off due to the Family Day holiday so.. :)


  1. Anything TCMA is pure gold, in my humble opinion. Also, I wish there was a public skating oval anywhere near me!

    1. Indeed.. They are nice, though this card is larger than average.

      It is rather different.. I think when I first heard about it they were going to be putting an actual building/arena around it at some point.. But I don't recall/haven't heard anything since.. Maybe it'll just stay outdoor..

  2. Lots of neat stuff here, though I'm a bit disappointed: "There is a double memorabilia card of Pamela Anderson and Trish Stratus." ...and you gave us Fergie and Puhl?

    Kidding of course. That is a cool card, pretty unique to have a dual relic of Canada's baseball team I'd imagine.

    I really wish I'd learn how to skate. You guys up north are so lucky.

    1. Well, the Anderson/Stratus card came to my attention when I had to find a checklist to submit to the Database... Got it on watch on COMC, but it's $20.

      Well, honestly I never really learned how to skate... I'm a feet planted firmly on solid ground kind of person. Skating, skiing, any of that is out for me.. lol

      Of course, now seeing the Canadiana set, I want to get the whole thing.. Rather nice to have a set where you can have Larry Walker and Rich Little in the same set..