Sunday, February 5, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving: Brimacombe

Well, Friday was a PA Day for the schools here in Peterborough area, but that doesn't stop some schools from planning a trip.. 

One of the more private schools scheduled a trip to Brimacombe Ski Hill for the day Friday. As the title suggests, I got to bring them there and back..

The wonderful Google Maps here.. The dot location is where Brimacombe is in relation to Oshawa. 
Interestingly enough, Brimacombe used to be known as the Oshawa Ski Club. 

There were a few other schools there as well. I think the three buses that were there with me were from the Toronto Area. 

This was rather early in the day, so not many people were out yet.. 

Yeah I wanted to make sure I could see the card in one of these photos lol

And here's me blocking out most of that bus from another company. 

Just a random sign near the ski area. 

I borrowed this picture from the internet. There were a bunch of children at the slopes on Friday, so....

Tomorrow I'll cover a couple trade packages I had come in


  1. This is my favorite series you do. I always enjoy reading them even if I don't always have anything pertinent to say. I just mailed a package to Peterborough yesterday, although since I don't have your address or anything you need, it was not to you. It is going to another card collector though. Small world!

    1. That is cool.. There's one person I know who collects in town other than myself..

  2. Mike! I'm anxiously awaiting your packet and hope the one I sent to you reaches you soon, if not already. I've got a series of posts coming up that feature some Expos and Blue Jays. So keep your eyes peeled if there's anything you want. Probably will start them after mid-month. I need to get me a wallet card!

    1. I did receive it on Friday. I'll be writing about it tomorrow.

      I'll also have yours out tomorrow.. I wanted to get it out wither Friday or this weekend but work and just generally feeling like crap stopped that...

    2. Oh, I'm sorry that you were feeling like crap! I'm very glad to know the cards arrived and hope they are all alright.