Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Purchase from a Different Source

Earlier this year I bit the bullet and made a couple purchases from COMC. Until then I had been weary of it because internet. 

Well, I was to the point where I needed one card to complete the 1984 OPC set.. And it was never showing up on COMC.. So someone directed me to Just Commons. I hadn't realized I'd been there before and had set up an account, but I found the card and placed it in my check out. Then I saw shipping would be $9 for a 17 cent card.. So I decided to get more.. 

A few Terry Puhl. I got two of the 1978s because of the two different collections. Some 1980 Expos I needed and a Fergie Jenkins. 
The Bill Atkinson is actually for the Canadians binder, since he's from Chatham, ON as well. 

Some 1981s I needed to get closer to completion. What's left for it are a few star cards like Raines and Jenkins. The only non-star I need is Dave McKay.

I really like those team cards.  

This was a bit of a surprise. I bought the 1984 Topps Puhl because I needed it. 

This is the back. 

I think I got the Tiffany version, since this back matches the Tiffany versions I looked at online. 

More Puhl. This time OPC and Donruss. It's interesting. On the back of the Donruss cards, for 1982 and 1983, they have his middle name spelled Stephan. In 1984, it's Stephen. I looked on Baseball Reference, it's spelled Stephen. So... Yeah.. Something interesting I guess.. 

Oh what's this?? George Bell 1984 O Pee Chee.. The set is complete! 

1992 OPC Premier. I figured I'd grab some of these as well. It's a set I'm working on, but not really, if that makes sense. 

More Premier.. 
2005 Upper Deck Classics is a set I found through CrazieJoe's Santa Lot. I love this set and am tyring to complete it. 

So between this and the COMC purchase I made, I ended up getting four George Bell UD Classics cards. 
So, I have two available if someone needs them.. 
I also got two Joe Carter 

The last bunch are the last of the classics I picked up.. Now it's the short printed Retro Rookies and Davey Lopes that I need for this set. 

I also picked up the Kelloggs 3D Superstar Terry Puhl just because. Tequila Sunrise in 3D!

So that was my first purchase through Just Commons. I'll likely order again in the fall once I'm back to regular work. 


  1. Congrats on completing the set. The Bell photo makes it seem like his swing was super out of control. that definitely looks like a Tiffany to me.

  2. Just Commons is a hidden gem. Congrats on finishing up the set.

    1. Thanks! It is.. I have to watch though.. I noticed it's one of those places where you have to check out right away or you don't keep what you were looking at.

  3. Congrats on completing the set and picking up some other god cards!