Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Trades

I have a few trades I want to cover tonight. 

First is from John Hazen 

Some good pitchers here.. And some not so great pitchers here. 
Halladay and Stieb are always welcome for sure. 
Josh Johnson last pitched in the Majors in 2013.. As a Jay.. 
Brandon Morrow is still kicking around the Majors, pitching in the bullpen for the Dodgers. 

Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, Jason Bay, and Erik Bedard all go into the Canadians binder. 
Derek Bell, Tony Tarasco and Alex Rios go in the Jays and Expos binders. 

1991 Fleer for the set. Same with the 2015

More 2015s. The Dalton Pompey will go into the Jays or Canadians binder. 

These three came from a TCDB member, minibbcards 
Joey Votto and the Leaders card will go into the Canadians binder, since Morneau is Canadian. 
Estrada will go into the Jays binder. 

The final trade came from TCDB Member SFCTemple. 
The Expos hat/wordmark sticker is actually stuck together, unlike the first one I had. (I ended up taping the one that separated and will be using it for a binder marker)

Some 1992 Leaf that will go into the set, as well as a Brent Mayne Studio card. 
The Turner Ward Stadium Club will go into the Jays binder. 

Thanks for the trades, people! 

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