Monday, January 24, 2022

TCDB Trade

I recently received a TCDB trade in the mail. I want to show it off today. It was from Nathan Mercer. A nice little pile of goodies

Some Expos and some Canadians. There were a couple here I wasn't aware of.

1991 Studio. I loved the concept of this set for the first few years. The close up image, the biographical information on the back rather than just stats. It was different. Then it became just another set. 

I think this puts a fair dent in my 1991 Studio set build. We also have a couple mini league leaders, one Jay and one Expo. 

Thank you for the trade!!



  1. Is that '93 Leaf, with the city skylines on the back?

    I would expect '91 Studio to be extra cool if it's a collector's favorite team or favorite players.

    1. It is..
      I did originally start by collecting Jays and Expos but then I decided on the set

  2. I really disliked Studio as a kid. As an adult, I'm not sure how I feel about it?