Thursday, January 6, 2022

A little Pre-Christmas COMC Package

Sometime in September or October I made a request for shipment from COMC. I got it in December. It was a bit of a mish mash of things, but I enjoyed getting it..

First is a group of cards of Bob Hooper, a pitcher from Leamington, Ontario. I found out about him through the wonderful Kevin Glew on Twitter. 
Two of the three cards of him as a member of the A's are reprints. 

Next is some John Hiller. The 78 is a Burger Thing card. The 75 is an OPC version.

Jack Billingham as an Expo. Danny Ainge as a Chief. I had the team set of the Syracuse Chiefs aside from this card. 
One of my favourite things: Stadium cards. Seeing some of the places teams called home is always interesting to me. 

More stadium cards, including the Jamestown Expos. Candlestick is an interesting photo. Metropolitan Stadium is a nice one too. Or as it's now known.. The Mall of America..

Finally, a Russ Ford Foldover reprint. Some cards I'm happy to get the reprints as I feel I'll never get the original. This is one of them.. 

I have some other cards to show from a Team Collectors break I took part in. It will likely be broken into multiple parts.. 



  1. Those Mother's Cookies cards are fantastic. Takes us back to when both of those stadiums were still around.

  2. I really need to get that Danny Ainge card. It's one that I always forget about though!