Sunday, November 17, 2019

Frankenset Pages 21 and 22

Now, before I go into the pages for today, I do have a debate card.

If you recall, number 180 is a 1984 Topps Manny Trillo. 

Well, I had this one put aside as well.. 

It's a 1994 Score John Vander Wal. 
I'm thinking that this one might be a better card for that slot. 
What say you? 

Anyway, onto today's cards..

Card 181 is a 1991 Score Tim Burke. I like the landscape view for this one since it allows you to see his full body. 

Card 182 is a 1991 Topps Junior Noboa. 


Card 185 is a 1998 Fleer Ultra Henry Rodriguez. 

Card 186 is a 1998 Pacific Legends Jim Grant. 
He's the only Expo in that set. 


Card 188 is a 1984 Topps Bryan Little. 

Card 189 is a 1987 Topps Joe Hesketh. 

Card 190 is a 1992 Leaf Dennis Martinez. 
I'm wondering if this was an alternate uniform or if it was in Spring Training. 
I know it wasn't too long after 1992 they went to the pinstripes. 

Card 191 is a 1982 Topps Tim Wallach. 
This card happens to be his rookie card. 

Card 192 is a 1991 Studio Brian Barnes. 
It almost looks like he's doing a Mr Burns impression but holding a baseball. 

Card 193 is a 1974 Tom Walker. 
I'm trying to figure out where this is.. I'm not sure. 
Possibly Shea?

Card 194 is a 1991 Donruss Oil Can Boyd. 
Hey look... It's Wrigley.. 

Card 195 is a 1990 Topps Tim Burke. 
I almost want to say either a Spring Training shot, or in someone's back yard. 

Card 196 is a 1988 Topps Dave Engle. 

Card 197 is a 2011 Topps Lineage Andre Dawson. 
I really like this card.

Card 198 is a 1991 Score Mike Fitzgerald. 
I like the action in this shot. 


  1. Lots of great cards on this page. I like the Mudcat, Oil Can, Hawk, and Tom Walker cards in particular. The Walker is almost definitely at Shea, I can see a Mets logo over his right shoulder.

    Also, I'd stick with the Trillo for card #180.

  2. The Tom Walker is definitely Shea. See the white box on top of the scoreboard, over his left shoulder? That's the big Mets logo.

    And that means the player next to his left shoulder, with his back to the camera, wearing #24 in white? That would be a fellow named Willie Mays. Pretty good ballplayer, I hear!

    Love that Mudcat Grant weird to think he even played for the Expos, as I think of his as earlier than that. He was an honorable mention on Dime Box Nick's all-defunct short term stops team. The Dawson, as you mention, is great too. Having a few post-career cards like that can really add variety.

    I'd vote to keep the Trillo, but I tend to be biased against horizontal cards.

    1. I think I've heard of him...
      I figured it was taken at Shea, but wasn't 100% sure.
      Yeah Grant only spent part of the 1969 season with the Expos. He ended up going until 1971

  3. Mudcat really brings some variety to that page!

  4. Lots of great cards on these pages. I'm a fan of the Wallach rookie card, 91S Fitzgerald and Burke, 91D Oil Can, and the Mudcat. And if it were me, I'd keep the 84T Manny Trillo.

    1. I decided to keep the Trillo. I'm thinking if I'm able to get another 1984 OPC Pete Rose, it'll be #300 in my frankenset..