Friday, November 29, 2019

A COMC Order

So, I'm taking part in the Cardboard Secret Santa again this year. As soon as I got my name, I went onto COMC to pick out some stuff for them... 

And ended up getting stuff for myself as well.. 

So the 1988 Topps Record Breaker is the error version. I think I can do a "master" set of this one fairly easy.. 

As for the other three here.. I picked up two copies of each because I didn't have them.. And they all fit into holes on the Frankenset.. 

The Glossy send in Raines takes over the empty 37 spot. 
The 1969 OPC Jack Billingham takes the 92 Spot
The 1971 Topps Don Hahn takes the 94 spot. 

Since today is Black Friday on the site, I may go see if I can find anything else I want..


  1. I remember pulling both versions of that Eddie Murray back in the day. It was cool to display them next to each other in my binder. By the way... you got your COMC order fast. They don't estimate that I'll receive my order until almost Christmas.

    1. I got it earlier than they estimated. They said December 4.. I had it Friday