Thursday, November 21, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 29 and 30

Pages 29 and 30 are today. There are quite a few holes in this one 

Card 253 is a 1989 Score Neal Heaton
I rather like this card. 

Card 254 is a 1973 Bill Stoneman 
Stoneman was the first picther to throw a No-Hitter for the Expos. 

Card 255 is a 1991 Leaf Junior Noboa. 
Noboa is bunting here

Card 256 is a 1993 Topps Wil Cordero 
Looks like it's in Wrigley. 

Card 257 is a 1987 Donruss Floyd Youmans

Card 258 is a 1986 Topps Tim Burke.
This is actually Burke's rookie card.

Card 259 is a 1982 Topps Rodney Scott


Card 261 is a 1994 Score Jeff Fassero
While I loved the blue uniforms they wore for years, I also liked the uniforms shown here. 


Card 264 is a 1992 Leaf Darrin Fletcher. 
As I mentioned above, I also like the blue alternate they wore with that set.


Card 266 is a 1986 Fleer Herm Winningham
I believe this is in Olympic Stadium. 

Card 267 is a 1983 Topps Terry Francona
I love the 1983 design. I would like to see this one resurrected more than the 1987 one at this point. 
(Yes, I know it was used recently, but I mean I want more) 

Card 268 is a 1993 Bowman Marquis Grissom. 
I like the photo of the follow through. 

Card 269 is a 1979 Topps Woodie Fryman
Again, an early Expos card makes the cut


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