Thursday, November 7, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 3 and 4

Slight change now.. 

I've made the decisions for the most part. There is one per page that I'm generally debating.. Those I'll still show.. I just won't show all the cards I was considering for each spot.. 

That was starting to get rather tedious. 


Card 19 is this 1973 Topps of Tim Foli

Card 20 is Le Grande Orange in the 25th Anniversary Donruss set

21 is this Jose Vidro EX. 

Card 22 is this rather monochromatic card.. Oddly the other consideration was a blue Donruss 1991

Is it me, or does Mr Cabrera seem to have a massive head in this 2004 card? 

The Spaceman has to make this list. 

Here's the decision card.. I have three options including this one, but one isn't scanned. 
2001 Donruss Baseball's Best Vladimir Guerrero
Or this 1986 Donruss DK. 
I'm leaning towards the Smith, but this Dawson is really.. Really nice.. 

26 is Claude Raymond. A French Canadian on the French Canadian team.. Who'd a thunk it? 
The Expos did tend to bring French Canadian players in at some point in their careers.. 

27 is Steve Renko. 

Page 4 shapes up like this: 

Card 28 is Steve Rogers. 

Card 29 is this checklist from 1990 Upper Deck. I loved these illustrated checklists in early Upper Deck. If I'm not mistaken, these were done by Vernon Wells Sr, father of former Jays outfielder Vernon Wells. 

Card 30 is this 1987 Raines. I think because of its over-representation everywhere I unconsciously limited the number of times this set is shown in this set. 

31 is Felipe Alou.

32 is Bobby Ramos. 

33 is Casey Candaele. Looking like Wrigley. 

34 is this 1992 Donruss Tim Wallach.. Again in Wrigley. 

35 is this Marquis Grissom Stadium Club Members Only from 1995. Again.. Wrigley. 

Finally 36 is this checklist from 1992 Upper Deck. 
I love the shot od DeShields batting in front of the Big O background. 

So I think my question this time around is:

1990 Donruss DK Bryn Smith
1986 Donruss DK Andre Dawson
2001 Donruss Baseball's Best Vladimir Guerrero?


  1. I'd probably go with Smith... only because I'm sure there will be plenty appearances of Dawson and Guerrero in this Frankenset. Wait... then again Smith played with the Expos a long, long time too, so he has probably a lot of Expos cards out there.

    1. There are a fair number of Expos cards of Bryn, but not many instances of him showing up in the set.. So I think Ii'll stick with the Smith.
      As you mentioned, there are other Dawson and Guerrero cards in here.

  2. I'd go with Vlad, but that's just me.