Saturday, November 9, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 7 and 8

Today is Pages 7 and 8

Card 55 is Tim Wallach in 1987

56 is this Ken Hill Studio

57 is this Dan Schatzeder, though I'm also considering the 1983 Tim Blackwell.. 

That mustache may put it over the top.. 


Card 59 is Larry Walker Studio style. 

Card 60 is Wil Cordero 1993 Upper Deck... And it's in Wrigley..

61 is this 1992 Upper Deck Rondell White


Card 63 is this 1994 Donruss Frank Bolick. 

Card 64 is this 1993 Donruss Mark Gardner 

Card 65 is this 1987 Leaf Floyd Youmans
The Leaf sets in the 80s were a Canadian release of Donruss.. Usually smaller and they had these Canadian Greats cards. One Jay and one Expo. 

Card 66 is this 2001 Fleer Tradition Orlando Cabrera

Card 67 is this Sportflix Alou. 

Card 68 is this 1991 Donruss Galarraga.. He finally doesn't get bumped.. 

Card 69 is Jose Vidro in Wrigley. 

Card 70 is this 1982 Topps Raines. 

Card 71 is this 1993 Fleer Calderon. 

Card 72 is this 1993 Bowman Rondell White. 

So again one card I'm debating. 

Card number 57

1984 Topps Dan Schatzeder
1983 Topps Tim Blackwell.. 

What say you, dear readers?