Monday, November 18, 2019

Frankenset Pages 23 and 24

It's seeming like the consensus is keeping Trillo at 180. I may just do that.. 

Well, onto today's pages

Card 199 is a 1991 Studio Bill Sampen. 
I loved the first few years of Studio. The headshot, the quirky info on the back.. 

Card 200 is a 1991 Ultra Delino DeShields. 
It almost looks like a steal attempt by the Padres runner and DeShields had to corral an errant throw. 

Card 201 is a 1992 Leaf Larry Walker. 
I'll confess something right now: 
Almost any time I can get a Canadian born player in here, I will. 

Card 202 is this 1991 Ultra Steve Frey. 
Again, as I get more options, I will revisit some of these selections 

203 is this 2002 Fleer Tradition Donnie Bridges. 
It seems he never made the majors, and even struggled at the Triple A Level. 

Card 204 is a 1991 Ultra Marquis Grissom in Wrigley

Card 205 is a 1993 Topps Gold Gary Carter
Bonus sighting of former Jay Fred McGriff.. 

Card 206 is a 1991 Ultra Dennis Martinez.
So we have one earlier of him in a home uniform. Here's one in an away uniform. Same pose. 

Card 207 is this 1982 Fleer Rodney Scott.. 
Looks like he's on deck. 

Card 208 is this 1994 Donruss Mike Lansing. I think I see blurry ivy back there. 

Card 209 is this 1991 Ultra Scott Ruskin. 
I'd say this is a Spring Training shot. 

Card 210 is a 1992 Upper Deck Mike Fitzgerald. 
Foul pop up!

Card 211 is a 1991 Topps Brian Barnes. 

Card 212 is a 1987 Topps Mike Fitzgerald. 


Card 214 is a 1986 Leaf Jeff Reardon
As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Leaf/Donruss did Canadian sets with extra illustrated cards. The extra cards were these Canadian Greats and highlighted a Blue Jay and Expo that excelled. 

Card 215 is this 1992 Pinnacle Mark Gardner. 
I think the photo pops off the black background. 

Card 216 is a 1988 OPC Herm Winningham. 

Tomorrow will be Pages 25 and 26


  1. Love the Canadian Greats Reardon. It'd be cool to track down all of the different Leaf Canadian Greats cards they produced back in the day.

    1. I'm thinking about doing just that, actually.. I'll have to check the TCDB to see what years Leaf released and what cards were done as Canadian Greats..

    2. Good luck. Should be fairly affordable. I might need to do this myself.

    3. So the Leaf sets were done from 1985-1988 I have most of them already, but I ordered the three I was missing off COMC just now.. lol