Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 13 and 14

Another day, another two pages of the Frankenset. 

Card 109 is this 1999 UD Choice Rondell White. 
What a surprise.. It's in Wrigley. 

Card 110 is this 1999 UD Choice Vladimir Guerrero. 

111 is this 1991 Stadium Club Dome Dennis Martinez.
I think I just like the simplicity of this card. Just Martinez throwing a ball..  
Card 112 is this 1993 Topps Brian Barnes. 

Card 113 is this 1986 Topps UL Washington. 
The version I'm using is actually the Tiffany version. 

Card 114 is this 1991 Stadium Club Brian Barnes. 
Two Barnes cards in two slots.. 

Card 115 is this 1989 Upper Deck Andres Galarraga. I'm tempted to replace it with a 2004 Topps All Time Fan Favourites Tim Raines, but I also know Raines, and especially the 1982 design, is well represented in this list so far.

116 is this 1994 Bowman Moises Alou. 
I want to say the wall looks like it's ivy covered.. 

Card 117 is this 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Jose Vidro. 
I love the Diamond Kings cards.. Always have.. But I'm not a fan of what they've been doing recently with them. 

Card 118 is this 1982 Topps Expos Future Stars. 
I'm not sure if I'll keep this one in here or not. If I get a better card, I'll likely switch it out. Would rather not have multi player cards if I can help it. 

Card 119 is this 1992 Topps Mark Gardner. 
Again, I like the simplicity of it. Just rearing back to fire a strike. 

Card 120 is this 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Bartolo Colon. 
Now.. This is a bit of a cheat.. It lists him as a member of the White Sox, but he's shown in Expos colours. Plus, it's Bartolo Colon.. 

Card 121 is Scott Ruskin, 1992 Score style. 
I don't know why, but 1992 Score has to be one of the more ho-hum sets for me.. 

Card 122 is this 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Edition Mark Grudzielanek 
It looks a lot better in hand than in the scan. 

Card 123 is this 1992 Topps Moises Alou. 
The version in the set is actually the gold parallel. 

Card 124 is this 1991 Leaf Tim Burke. 
Is it odd that I remember Burke more for his two half seasons with the Mets more than his time with the Expos? 

Card 125 is this 1973 Topps Ron Fairly. 
I have to have him showcased in here. 



  1. I think that the simplicity of the Dennis Martinez SC is part of the reason why it still looks so good today, the image has sort of a timeless quality about it.