Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 11 and 12

Next on the docket is pages 11 and 12. 

Card number 91 is this beautiful 1996 Pinnacle Cliff Floyd. 
I love how the name plate is almost pointing the ball into the glove. 

MISSING: Card 92

Card 93 is this 1994 Donruss Greg Colbrunn. 
His catching days were short in the majors. 

MISSING: Card 94

Card 95 is this 1993 Topps Larry Walker in front of the bat rack. 

Card 96 is this 1989 Upper Deck Tracy Jones. I'm not a fan of the red Expos uniforms. Much like the red Jays uniforms from a couple years ago, they look weird. 

Card 97 is this 1980 Topps Bill Lee.. 

98 is this 1994 Collector's Choice Jeff Fassero. 

Card 99 is this 1998 SPx Finite Carlos Perez that apparently isn't listed on the Trading Card Database. The ones there are numbered to 9000, 2500, or 1250. The one I have is 1202/4500

Card 100 is this 1997 Donruss Elite Henry Rodriguez. 

101 is this 1991 OPC Premier Mel Rojas. 

102 is this 1982 Topps Dan Briggs. 

Card 103 is this 2000 Topps Stars Gary Carter

MISSING: Card 104

Card 105 is this 1987 Topps Floyd Youmans. 

Card 106 is this 1973 Topps Terry Humphrey. 
Looks to be a Spring Training shot, or possibly in the park beside Jarry Park. 

MISSING: Card 107

Card 108 is this 1995 Select Certified Shane Andrews. 


  1. A 1971 Topps Don Hahn would be great for #94.

    1. I'll need to pick up two copies for my purposes..

  2. I recently saw that 1993 Topps Larry Walker bat rack card. It's awesome!

  3. '96 Pinnacle was such a pretty set!