Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jays at the All Star Game Part 1

With the All Star game happening on Tuesday in San Diego, I figured I would go into the Jays at the Mid-Summer Classic today

The Jays started in 1977. Their sole representative in 1977 at Yankee Stadium was Ron Fairly. Now, Fairly doesn't have a card from 1977 as a Jay, so I'm using his 1978 card.

Fairly had one at-bat in the game and struck out. 

1978, the Jays again had one representative in San Diego. This time around, it was Third Baseman Roy Howell.

Howell came in as a Pinch Hitter and got out. 

1979 again carried one Blue Jays representative in Seattle. The first time a pitcher was featured: Dave Lemanczyk

Lemanczyk did not make it into the game. 

In 1980 in Dodger Stadium, another Jays Pitcher was featured. He would eventually make 7 All Star appearances. Of course, I mean Dave Stieb.

Stieb pitched one inning. He gave up a hit, a walk, and an unearned run.

1981 in Cleveland was another single representative for the Jays. Again, it was Mr Stieb. 

This time around, he pitched an inning and two thirds. He gave up one hit, walked one, and struck out one. 

1982 at Stade Olympique the sole representative for the Jays was a pitcher..

What, you thought it would be Dave Stieb? 
Clancy pitched an inning and was three up-three down.

1983 at Comiskey Park the Jays again had a single rep. But it was also the first time the Jays had an All Star Starter. 

Yep.. Dave Stieb was the starting pitcher for the American League. 
He went three innings, walked one, struck out four, gave up one unearned run, and got the win. 

1984 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco had multiple representatives for the first time.

Stieb was the starter again. 
In two innings, he gave  up three hits, two runs with one earned. A Homer and two strike outs. 

Alfredo Griffin made the All Star team and made the game as a defensive replacement. 

Garcia also made it into the game. He had one plate appearance and made an out.

1985 in Minnesota saw 4 Jays make the trip.

Ernie Whitt made his only All Star appearance in 1985. 
He entered the game as a defensive replacement and didn't bat

Key threw one third of an inning and got the only batter he faced.

Stieb threw an inning and walked one, struck out two.

Garcia's Second appearance saw him get a hit in two at bats.

1986 in Houston saw three players make the team. 

The first of four Jays All Star appearances, he entered as a defensive replacement.

In his only All Star game, Barfield went 0-3 and struck out twice. 

In his only All Star appearance, Moseby walked and stole a base.

The 1987 game in Oakland saw three Jays make the team

This time around, Fernandez went 0-3 with a strikeout.

Henke threw 2.2 innings and struck out one batter

Bell actually started the game in Left Field. He went 0-3.

In the 1988 game in Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, the Jays were represented by one player.

Stieb threw one inning and gave up one hit.

The 1989 game was hosted by the Angels in Anaheim Stadium.

Fernandez went 0-1

Gruber didn't get into the game at all. 

The 1990 game was in Chicago's Wrigley Field. 3 Jays made the trip.

Gruber went 0-1 with a walk

Bell went 0-2 with a strikeout.

Stieb pitched two innings. Walked and struck out one each.

The 1991 game was held in the SkyDome in Toronto.

Three Jays made the Hometown All Star Game

Carter went 1-1 with a walk and a run scored

Key pitched an inning.. Gave up one hit, struck out one, and got the win.

Alomar went 0-4

The 1992 game returned to San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium

Alomar was selected as a starter and went 1-3 with a run scored. This was a home coming of sorts for Alomar, as he was traded from San Diego to Toronto in the 1990-1991 offseason.

Carter also started the game. He went 2-3 with a run scored and 1 RBI.

Guzman pitched an inning. He gave up two hits, struck out 2 and walked 1. 

The 1993 game in Baltimore's Camden Yards is known for a few things.
One is this: 

Another is Mike Mussina getting up in the bullpen to get some work in, making the fans think that he was going to get into the game. Cito Gaston was booed in Baltimore for years afterwards.

Alomar started the game and went 1-3 with an RBI and a run scored. 

Devon White Started the game and went 1-3 with an RBI and a run scored. 

John Olerud Started the game and went 0-2

Paul Molitor started the game and was 0-1 with a walk. 

Joe Carter Started the game and went 1-3 with a strikeout.

Pat Hentgen didn't appear in the game

Duane Ward pitched an inning and struck out 2.

(Maybe it was the fact that there were so many Jays that had Baltimore fans upset)

The 1994 game was held in Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.

Pat Hentgen pitched an inning and gave up one hit.

Roberto Alomar started the game and went 1-3 with a run scored.

Paul Molitor went 0-1 in a pinch hit appearance.

Joe Carter Started in Left Field and went 0-3 with a run scored.

The 1995 game was held in The Ballpark in Arlington and had one Jay.

Alomar went 0-1

The 1996 game was in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium. Again the Jays were represented by one player.

Carter went 1-1 in the game.

The 1997 game in Cleveland's Jacobs Field had two Jays.

Pat Hentgen pitched an inning without issue.

Clemens also pitched an inning and gave up one hit.

The 1998 game in Denver's Coors Field contained one Blue Jay.

Clemens pitched an inning. Gave up two hits, two runs with both being earned, struck out one, and walked one. 

The 1999 game in Fenway Park had two Jays attending.

Tony Fernandez in his fourth tenure with the Jays made the All Star team.
He went 0-2 with a strikeout

Shawn Green went 1-1

So that will do for Part 1... Part two will look at 2000-2016. 


  1. Nice post. You should do an all-time Expos one as well.

    1. That is a plan. It'll be one I'll have to borrow images from TCDB though lol