Monday, January 15, 2018

Days Like This Are Good

Well, despite having issues this morning with my bus that ended up making the kids that got on my bus this morning late, today was a good day. 
Even moreso when I received mail before I went back for my afternoon run. 

I received a trade with a member from the TCDB, herkojerko. 

Some Canadians for the binder, a Melky Cabrera, and a Ryan Howard for that insert set. 

This little beauty came into my possession courtesy of P-Town Tom. 
Readers of his blog would remember this one showing up in his Post Here.
I had commented that I needed this one for the 1978 set I'm putting together, and lo and behold, he sent it up.. The funny thing being is that it started out here.. It was in one of the repacks I had sent for his Secret Santa gift. 

Finally, some cards from Matt. We've been talking on Twitter and he mentioned he had some Fleer cards from the early 1980s he was looking to get rid of.. I sent him my want lists and got a few in return.. These are the 1981s I needed. 
Always nice to get a Stieb. 
Reggie Cleveland and Fergie Jenkins slide into the Canadians Binder. 

The others I recevied from him. 
Three Jays, Three Expos, and Reggie Cleveland. 
Finally, two Expos I didn't have for 1983. 

Thanks for the cards! I have cards going out to herkojerko and Matt soon. Hoping to be able to wiggle it in this week. 


  1. Hey Hey! The '78 made it. So glad to hear that!
    Hope your bus is problem free in the morning. :)

    1. It did.. I meant to tell you..

      So do I... And the mechanics lol

  2. Great cards; seeing these reminds me that I have some Expos and Blue Jays to send your way. I must get organized some and get these on their way to you.

  3. Any package with a Stieb is a fine package.

    1. Indeed.. I like that, for the most part, he fits into my collection simply for being a Jay...
      I like to forget about that ugliness of him with the White Sox...