Thursday, January 11, 2018

Showing More from the First Row

This is a little bit of a mashup post..

Part will be more cards from the CrazieJoe box.. Part will be a purchase I made from First Row Collectibles. 

In fact, I'll show the First Row stuff first..

There was a year end sale with 50% off the order. I figured if I found a few cards I wanted, I'd take part. I found a few and it ended up costing me right around $12 CDN plus shipping. 

This is a 1982 Perma Graphics Tim Raines. 

This is what the back looks like.. Yes.. It's a credit card style.. well.. card... 
I do like the line on the bottom, under the space where you'd sign your name.. 
"The bearer of this card is a certified loyal fan and is entitled to all ensuing rights and privileges"

I also picked these up. 
I liked the Topps Gallery cards, even though I have only seen a couple of them, and all of them well after the original run ended. I think I would have preferred them to be on the same kind of card stock that Upper Deck Masterpieces was on, but that's a minor quibble. 
I know I didn't have that Carter before hand, as I don't have much in the way of Bowman.. Of course, this is before Bowman went off the deep end with parallels and all that other crap.. 
Freddie Freeman fits into my Canadians collection since both his parents are Canadian and he played for Team Canada in the WBC. 
Finally, a Vladimir Guerrero MLB debut card from Upper Deck. 

Definitely check out
He's got baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and wrestling cards. Also sells autographed cards. Has autographed photos and other things like that as well.. 

Now.. Looking at more cards from the CrazieJoe box..

Some 1989 Donruss.. Since I decided to complete that set as well, these are welcome to see.. I believe they're going to go into the Expos binder, though.. I'll find out soon enough. 
The John Franco 1989 Topps will slide into the set.
Juan Gonzalez error card! For some reason, I was convinced this card would be a tough one to find.. Well, here we are.. 

The 1990 Fleer are Fleer Canadian versions. 
1990 Topps that I needed. I think the Grissom is one for the team binder though.

A couple 1991 Donruss as well, both cards I needed for the set. 

Well, next time will be... Well... Next time. 😜😜


  1. That Perma Graphics Tim Raines is really great! I have seen the fronts of those cards online many times over the years, but never actually knew what they were.

    1. I thought so as well. Now I'm curious to find out when the first "credit card" style card set was made.

  2. The Perma Graphics credit cards are really cool. I'd love to pick up that set one day. That Delgado is nice too. 2001 Topps Gallery is probably my favorite Gallery design.