Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I BeLeaf..

Recently I proposed a box trade with Joe from CrazieJoe's Card Corner. He sent out a bunch of cards first. 

I'm going to take a bit of a page out of his book and show a few cards from it each post.. I'm not going to commit to it being a daily thing right now, but one difference I'm making is I'm going to show by set.. 

Today, as you can tell by the title, I'm talking about the 1987 Leaf set.. 

A nice batch of photos here.. Mark McGwire, Devon White.. Bo Jackson.. Benito Santiago.. 
That Santiago shows the uniforms after the brown and yellows 

Expos and Kirby Puckett here
One difference between the Donruss and Leaf sets, aside from the card count, is the existence of "Canadian Greats" cards. They highlight a player from the Expos and the Jays and are done in the Diamond Kings style.
Garry Templeton shows the Padres uniform better here.. 

George Brett and Dwight Gooden show up here along Lou Whitaker and Fred Lynn. 

There's a few Hall of Famers here. Cal Ripken, Bert Blyleven, and Mike Schmidt. 

And there's the rest of them. I believe that the Donruss and Leaf cards both use the same photos, so nothing really interesting in that respect..

Next time will likely show some 1990 Score.. I say some because I have quite the stack.. 


  1. Looking at them here, a slight adjust on the photo for Joe Carter and Julio, the uniform logo could have been used in the corner for the cards.

  2. I love the Canadian Greats subset. I'd love to one day add an autographed copy of the Dave Stieb (1985 Leaf).