Sunday, November 5, 2017

Repacks Because I Can: Part 2

The second of four repacks I bought. 

I actually needed the Phillies Team Leaders from the 1989 set. 
There is a lot of Ray Lankford 1992 Topps in these particular repacks. 

A couple Jays I'm pretty sure I didn't have before. Bowman you can never tell.. 

Another Babe Herman Fleer Greats card.. Might look into it further. 

Justin Verlander Stadium Club!
Yet another Lankford.. I told you there were a lot of them.. I think I have four or five of them.. 

Not really much to say about these ones.. 


  1. You should definitely look into the '04 Fleer Greats set! And how come I never knew that Campy played for the Angels?

    1. Definitely on my radar..
      Yeah, he was there from 1979-1981..

  2. Hate getting Dupes in a repack. sort of takes the enjoyment out of it.

    1. Yeah.. Been a few times where I'd have the same card pop up three times.. Once was back to back lol

  3. Gene Garber hot pack! Love that 87T Gooden. Great action shot.