Friday, November 17, 2017

Repacks on a Payday

So... I went to Dollarama today and bought 6 repacks.. 
I wonder if I'm buying them to make it so I never get past a certain spot in my sorting.. I'm really not looking forward to the 2000s Especially with the Bowman cards... 

Anyway.. Here's the first repack I scanned in.. 

As always, a nice mix of cards from different times.. 2012 with 1986 and 1991 here. 

Well played, Mauer....
A set I never heard of here with Topps Unique... Really the design is anything but unique.. But meh..

Joey Votto Attax card!
I believe I need that Walker as well.. 
I like the Grissom and the Fielder. 

Love minor league cards.. A 1990s here with Warren Newson as a Las Vegas Star.. 

Trevor Story.. Interesting to find him in here.. 

1981 Drake's Big Hitters card here with Bruce Bochte. 

Griffeys... All of the Griffeys in one Upper Deck card.. 

I'm almost tempted to put that Spirit of the Game card in with my Jays because it features the back of Dave Winfield so prominently. What say you, collector friends?? 

1986 OPC shows up here as well. Rick is definitely a ahem Schu-in... for these repacks.. 
Carlos Delgado Topps Finest... I found something interesting on the back of the card just as I was looking at the card to see what company it was.. .

In the bottom corner here.. It has the card number.. The theme... And Common written there... I wonder if there's other things written on other cards.... 

Anyway... As I continue to plough through the scans, I'll be throwing more posts up about the repacks.. 


  1. 1997 Finest had a variety of themes. Your Delgado was part of the "Power" theme. More specifically it's the 3rd card in the "Power" theme subset. But there were other themes like "Blue Chips", "Warriors", "Hurlers", "Competitors", "Acquisitions", and "Masters". In addition to the themes, there were different levels of rarity (short prints per se): common, uncommon, and rare.

    For example. Here's a list of Derek Jeter cards in the set:

    #15 Theme: Blue Chips, Common
    #166 Theme: Masters, Rare
    #310 Theme: Competitors, Uncommon

    Lol. And if that were confusing enough... there were also refractors made for each card... and embossed refractors made for the uncommon and rare cards.

    1. Great.... I do have some Finest Jays from that year.. I just never really took a look at them..

  2. 30 years later and that damn 1987 Donruss Wayne Tolleson still gets me as I always, ALWAYS think it's Mattingly.