Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trade Deadline 2018

Well.. Another trade deadline has come and gone... 
This year, the Jays were sending players all over the place.. 

First: July 26th..

Seung-Hwan Oh is traded to the Colorado Rockies 

Forrest Wall

He is an outfielder currently playing for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Also on July 26th

J.A. Happ is traded to the Evil Empire I mean New York Yankees


Brandon Drury and outfielder Billy McKinney

July 30th. 

Roberto Osuna is traded to the Houston Astros for 

Ken Giles, David Paulino, and Hector Perez. 

There are many people upset about this trade.. Not because they were sad to see Giles go, but because of the issues Osuna has had this season off the field. 

July 31:

Aaron Loup 

Is traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jacob Waugespack.


John Axford (no Jays cards of him exist)
is traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Corey Copping. 

All in all, I'm sad to see Axford go. Loup is hit and miss for me, but he was also the longest tenured Blue Jays player up till today..

It's never fun when your team is in a sale mode. I hope the guys traded help their new teams (except Happ.. I'm sorry.. I can't wish the Yankees any goodwill at all)


  1. It's sad that Loup was the longest tenured Jay prior the trade. I feel for you with the "never want to see your team sell" but 20 years of Pirates fandom has made me not have any sympathy for teams with losing records.

    1. Oh I know what you mean there.. Aside from the odd .500 season it was slim pickings from 1994-2015