Saturday, July 14, 2018

Another Weekend Repack Part 1

We've reached another weekend.. Time for another repack I have sitting around here. 

Here are the keepers.. I'm surprised I didn't have the 1984 Topps Puhl already. I think I have the Nestle and OPC versions before this, so that might be the confusion. 

Another lone Expo.. 

And of course, the traders. 
I must say I love the Marlins uniform shown in the Donruss Barberie card. 

As per usual, there will be another one tomorrow.. 


  1. I like the variety in these repacks.

  2. Need to get another trade going with you! I think I can use that Brad Lidge.

    1. Indeed.. I believe I've been sitting on an Astros auto you claimed a while back lol

  3. Feel free to send any duplicate Jays you don't want for whatever reason my way. :)

  4. gonna shoot you an e-mail with a bunch to claim. I may be sitting on cards for you too.