Sunday, July 8, 2018

Weekend Repack Part 2

Yesterday I showed the first half of the Dollarama Repack I bought a few weeks ago.. Today is the other half of it. 

These are the cards filing into sets. I find it funny these are all sets I'm passively collecting. 

A lonely Expo today.. 

The Steve Wilson I already have, otherwise it'd go into the Canadians binder. About the only other reason I'd keep it is if I knew he was a good signer through the mail.. And I got American stamps.. (When I have a little money again, I'll get a hold of one of the people who offered to help me out in that respect)

The last four pictures are all traders, as usual.. If there's something you need/want, let me know.. 


  1. I think I could use that '82 Fleer Dave Revering.

  2. The Lincecum and McGwire are nice, and the Verlander from your last post. I never figured out those gaming cards though.

  3. What the hell is going on with that Howard Johnson card? I mean, what the hell!

    1. 1992 Score used caricatures for the All Star cards...