Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Giant Box o' Stuff

I took part in Jenny Miller's dime sales on Twitter recently.. She then messaged me and made an offer.. She had a bunch of Jays and Expos and was wondering if I wanted them. We worked it out and I got the box yesterday.

I'm going to cover a small part of it today.. Mainly the cards that fit my player collections or my set collections. 

1991 Studio.. I loved the older Studio cards where they gave information not normally found on cards. They also didn't have photos normally on cards. 

Now we get into the player collections. Brett Lawrie is Canadian, so he obviously gets picked up.. 
Trystan Magnuson is also Canadian.
I love stadium cards, and 1994 Score brought them with the team checklists.. 

Jason Bay, Rich Harden, John Axford, Joey Votto, and Russell Martin. 

I love seeing cards I don't necessarily get to see.. 

I'm hoping to buckle down on sorting soon.. I need to crack the whip on myself in that regard. 

Thanks Jenny!


  1. I bought a box of that 1991 Studio. Thought it was a good idea, but not well executed. The "personal information" ended up being card after card of "Favorite music is Top 40...Watches The Cosby Show and LA Law...his heroes are Mickey Mantle and his father." Not a lot of variety or insight. And of course collation was terrible, so I didn't come close to completing a set and I have more than half a dozen of some cards.

    1. Yeah I think the 1993 ones were best. I liked how the Astros infielders all named Casey Candaele as their Pet Peeve.