Sunday, July 1, 2018

Canada Day

Well, today is Canada Day.. It's also insanely warm this weekend. 

Earlier this week I received a couple purchases I made through First Row Collectibles. I'm going to show those, but first...

I have to add possibly the most Canadian of celebrities singing a song about Canada. 

Anyway.. Onto the cards

I had to pick up more of the Dempsters Jays cards. I only had a couple, now I have more. 
The three Fergie Jenkins on the bottom were ones I somehow hadn't acquired yet, so here they are. 

Some Expos, aside from the Quaker one, since Gary's a Met by that time. 

An Autographed Charlie Simmer card! 
I guess at this point, you can say I'm a Simmer Supercollector. 

These were thrown in as well. Curtis, who runs First Row Collectibles, tends to throw in little things like this whenever we have any sort of transaction. I really appreciate them. 

The other thing I want to show off today is something my friend found in her boyfriend's new house that they're fixing up.. 
She took a picture of it wondering if it was anything, and then if I wanted it.. 

It's a little beat up obviously, but still a nice find

So that's what I've got today for Canada Day..

Well, there is one more thing:



  1. Sweet Simmer auto! I just picked up a Fergie Jenkins auto on COMC. I'll discuss it in my next post.

    I remember those Topps coins, they're one of the many oddballs of my childhood.

    The Freese find is very cool. Nice of your friend to think of you. Happy Canada Day!

    1. I want to get a Fergie auto at some point.
      I hadn't seen the coins until the last few years..

  2. Actually had a Canadian stay with us on Canada Day this year. He made us poutine!

    1. Awesome! It's odd seeing poutine showing up on US cooking shows now.
      Maybe soon we won't look like aliens when asking for gravy on fries lol