Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another Sunday.. Another Weekend Repack Part 2

Sometimes, trying to come up with clever titles completely escapes me, so boring one today.. 
Anyway, you know what's going on today.. Yesterday I looked at one side of an 80 card repack.. Today is the other side.. 

Two keepers today.. Another 1992 Pinnacle I thought I had.. I guess I didn't.. 
I love minor league cards.. I don't know why.. But whenever I come across them in these things, I tend to keep the cards. 

Two Expos today! 
Yet another 1988 Donruss.. Seems like they're everywhere.. 
1991 Leaf as well. I like those cards, but I don't think I'd collect the set.

As usual the traders.. 

There are a couple cards I like the look of in here, but at the same time, the only place I ever see them is in these repacks, so I wouldn't go after them..The Unique and Lineage fall into that category.

As usual, if you see something you like, let me know.. 


  1. I somehow missed Asche going from the Phillies to the White Sox. Apparently I don't pay attention to well!

    1. Yeah he signed as a Free Agent.. This year he's been in the minors for KC, NYY, and NYM.

  2. That's a pretty cool repack and getting and Amir Garrett minor league card is nothing to sneeze at. He's been really solid out of the Reds pen this year. Also, in terms of cards up for grabs, could I lay claim to the Dennis Eckersley and Eddie Taubensee cards in the first picture please?

    1. Done.. Take a look over the last few weekend posts.. Let me know if you see anything else you want. I have two more I'm posting over the next two weekends.