Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Small Trade

 Today I received a bunch of mail. I'm going to show one trade I received today from TCDB member 49ants. 

I still have to send my half out, but that will come after I have money (I have communicated this with the trade partner) 

That said, any ideas on how to securely send a 5X7 card so it doesn't get banged up or warped?


An Ultra All Star Larry Walker.. Got to love any Walker, especially as Expos..
Also, three Hostess Canada cards of Jays. Carter, Alomar, and Molitor. 

The other cards I got in the mail today were all 1978 O Pee Chee, working on my Other birth year set. I'll show those next time. 


  1. Hi Mike. I usually use a photo mailer for a larger card, not sure if that's an option. Love that Walker! I have one in my collection too. It takes me back to a time when the brands had fewer inserts...and to me that made them more special than what we see now. I guess the very next year Ultra suddenly had 1000 inserts didn't they!!??

    1. I'll get one Thursday likely. Ugly weather forecasted for tomorrow

  2. I had no idea that Ultra was making giant cards back in 1993. It's a really good looking card too, the effects are neat, without being over the top.

    1. Oh it's a normal card. The Hostess are tiny tots..