Saturday, December 3, 2022

Signature Saturdays

 It's Saturday..

It's December.

It's the time of year people write...

People write names on baseball cards...

Long winded way of saying it's Signature Saturday!

Today is a Kelly Gruber from the 1992 Studio set. I have to say the auto is better in scan than in hand. In hand the Sharpie is hard to read on the blue of the uni. 

Now of course... Have to mention the Kelly Gruber auto I just got from my Twitter #HobbyTwitter friend Matt in the month we have the yearly "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?" debate.. (psst.. Bruce says no...) 

It's weird how Kelly's career fell off a cliff like the antagonist Hans fell out of the building in the movie..

Speaking of which....

This is one of a few different advent calendars that exist showing Hans' attempt to fly and failing... 

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