Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Million Expos Update

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I figured I'd do a quick update on the Million Expos Project

I originally wanted to wait until I finished 1990 in my sort.. But I'm slogging through it very slowly. Still need to do Fleer and Upper Deck and any oddball cards to complete 1990. Oh and Leaf... 

So where am I standing at with my Expos count?? 


I, like I said, still need to enter Fleer and Upper Deck for 1990, so that number will be higher when I'm done. 

All in all though, that's pretty good so far.. 

I recently got a bunch of Expos cards from someone on Twitter, starting with 1972 up to 1991. I still have two minor league team sets to add as well. I might actually make a post out of those once I clear my scanner. The Rockford Expos cards are rather beautiful.. 

This was one of the recent acquisitions. I believe the picture was taken with Taylor as a Met. You can see the pinstripes on the uni and the cap logo looks painted on. 
The reason I chose this card is the fact he's Canadian. 

This is currently the card with the highest population in this project.. I have 32 copies of it. I know to get to one million I'm going to need quite a few more copies of a bunch of cards. (Hooray for the overproduction era!!!) 

That all being said.. If you have Expos cards you're looking to find a home for, let me know.. I imagine we'd be able to work something out. Be it bulk team trade or whatever. 

Back in the early days when it seemed there were more than just me and One Million Cubs, I had all my Yankees cards pulled aside. I also had a bunch of Dodgers put aside for whatever reason. 


  1. I remember stockpiling 90D Grissoms. If I still had them, I'd definitely send them your way.

  2. Good luck! What are the storage requirements for 1,000,000 cards?