Sunday, April 7, 2019

Throwback Thursday

So Topps does a thing every Thursday now it seems.. 
They'll release an on demand set every Thursday called Throwback Thursday. 
It'll be in the style of an old set. Sometimes even with older players.

Well, one week they did a TBT set with Jays and Expos in the style of 1960-1961 Topps Hockey 

So at hearing this was a thing, I originally rolled my eyes then thought why not.. It's got Expos. 
So I picked one up. (And it was free shipping to Canada, even!!) 

So what cards were in it?

Three Hall of Famers here with Alomar, Raines, and Pedro. 

Two More Hall of Famers with Vlad and Doc. (Sorry Carlos) 

All in all they're not bad cards, though I am disappointed the backs are the same generic promo line on all 6. 

My next post will be about a purchase I made through First Row Collectibles. 


  1. Normally the on demand cards don't really appeal to me, but these are pretty awesome, much different than the one's that I always see on the Twitter.