Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A COMC Purchase

I know I said last post that I was going to post cards I received from First Row Collectibles, but I ordered some cards from Check Out My Cards in March. They were supposed to get here for April 3, but because they were sent a week later, they arrived a week later. 

So would you like to see what I ordered??

1969 Expos! 
Fergie Jenkins League Leaders and a couple other Canadians in the Majors in Ron Taylor and Pete Ward. 

Some More Expos!

And even more Expos!

I decided that I was going to treat myself a little for my birthday that was April 1. I ordered these at the start of my Great Sort. Figuring that since I was looking at 1969, I'd see what the prices for some were and get a bunch. I now only need a few cards to complete my 1969 want list. 

#10 Gibson/Marichal/Jenkins League Leader
#640 Fergie Jenkins
#642 John Hiller
#648 Bobby Wine

NEXT post will be my purchase from First Row. 


  1. Excellent birthday treat choice!

  2. There's nothing more fun than waiting for an overdue package!

  3. Nice pickups Mike. Belated happy birthday, too!