Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A COMC Purchase

I know I said last post that I was going to post cards I received from First Row Collectibles, but I ordered some cards from Check Out My Cards in March. They were supposed to get here for April 3, but because they were sent a week later, they arrived a week later. 

So would you like to see what I ordered??

1969 Expos! 
Fergie Jenkins League Leaders and a couple other Canadians in the Majors in Ron Taylor and Pete Ward. 

Some More Expos!

And even more Expos!

I decided that I was going to treat myself a little for my birthday that was April 1. I ordered these at the start of my Great Sort. Figuring that since I was looking at 1969, I'd see what the prices for some were and get a bunch. I now only need a few cards to complete my 1969 want list. 

#10 Gibson/Marichal/Jenkins League Leader
#640 Fergie Jenkins
#642 John Hiller
#648 Bobby Wine

NEXT post will be my purchase from First Row. 


  1. Excellent birthday treat choice!

  2. There's nothing more fun than waiting for an overdue package!