Thursday, April 6, 2017

Challenges and a Quick Trade Post

So the past few weeks have been hectic for me. I admit I haven't been keeping up on much. (If you could see my desk, you'd see multiple piles of cards and no real organization to them.. I need to just sit down a weekend.. Maybe Easter Weekend.. And get everything completely sorted) 

I did, however, FINALLY get a couple trade packages out that I had been meaning to for the past two weeks.. It was getting to the point I was having anxiety attacks about them.. 


One other thing I haven't been doing is keeping up writing in here too often. By time I get home from work I'm generally dead.. But today I'm awake.. So here I write.. 

I've been taking part in the challenge done by Tony L at Off Hiatus. My last post had Day 7.. I will fill in the blanks today with 8-10.

DAY 8: A Card that Reminds you of a family member

Any Charlie Simmer card in my collection, really.. My mother was friends with his sister. 

DAY 9: One of your favourite cards from the 1950s

I don't own this card, of course, but I really like the card. The jumping over the runner while preparing to throw to first is just amazing. 

DAY 10: One of your favourite cards from the 1960s

Another card I don't own. 1961 Topps 406. 
Love cards showing stadiums. This one shows a home run Mantle hit in Washington. 

Now the trade.. 

I received a small trade request from Trading Card Database user MMehler. I received the cards a couple days ago but didn't want to show what I received until I sent his out. 

These are all from the 2008 Upper Deck Timelines set. It's a rather odd set with a bunch of different designs thrown together and some players having multiple cards. 

I sent the cards out today.. I apologize for the delay.. Thank you again!


  1. Bowman Pee Wee is one of my faves! That's a nice copy.

  2. Great cards. The Reese and Mantle are among my faves as well (too bad the Pee Wee is $500+ in good condition)

    2008 Timeline is a bit odd as you said, but I love the '93 SP foils of players like Kershaw and Scherzer.

  3. It's been one of those kinds of weeks for me, too. When it's not, I'll get some cards together for you.

    1. There are a few professions where April is the busy season.. I'm into the busy season until the end of June, I think lol That said, whenever you have a chance, sounds good.. :)