Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Five Days of Challenges and Part One of a Trade

Well, I just got back to work after a four day weekend. Because I'm a school bus driver, I had a four day weekend. Good Friday is a day off and Monday was a day off because Easter Sunday isn't a day government services work, so they get the Monday in lieu. 

All I did those four days was sleep.. So today I'm going to show off 5 days of the challenge plus part of a big trade package I got from a member of the TCDB.

Day 19: A card from a country other than the United States

I think 90% of the bloggers will be picking an OPC card, though I expect a few would pick a Japanese card. 
This one in particular I chose because Al Oliver is an Expo here. He is one of the many that played for both Toronto and Montreal. About the only card that I could have picked above this one would be a Fergie Jenkins. 

Day 20: Your Favourite Parallel Based on the Parallel, not the Player

I have to go with this one again.. In general, I'm not a fan of parallel sets. Especially when there's 15 for each product released by Topps. 

Day 21: A Card of a Rookie you thought you were "Investing" in:

I've never really "invested" in a player, so I can't really say anything here..

Day 22: A Card of a Common Player that always seemed to elude you

Not really a common, but... This one STILL eludes me.. This is the only one I need to finish the base set. (and three error cards from completing completely)

Day 23: A Favourite Oddball from the 1950s

1958 Hires Root Beer set. Can't really go wrong with a Hank Aaron.. I don't own this card, of course.. 

I recently made a few trades with members on the Trading Card Database. Today I want to cover a package I got from Noy. It's a big one.. Likely will take a couple posts..

A bunch of the School Bus coloured Fleer 1991! This is one set I've decided to put together, though many times I've questioned why.. 

Cards and Yankees here.. Enjoy the Cards... Not really enjoying the Yankees lol.. 
We do have a former Jay and a former Expo here though, so there's that.

Some more Jays and Expos to go along with a 1991 Upper Deck. The Upper Deck is another one I've been going back and forth on whether or not I want to complete the set.

More 1991 Fleer. 

More of them, including a couple Jays.. 

So that sort of catches me up.. I have more to go through with this one, plus another small one that came in today.


  1. So, are Canadian school buses yellow, then, too? I never thought of a School bus in 1991 Fleer but now I certainly will. So, thanks for that. Great cards. That 1991 Fleer of Andre Dawson is kind of a neat shot; it's weird not seeing his whole face, but yet the view/angle is cool.

    1. Yep.. They follow the North American standard.. (I think I've taken a picture of my bus a couple times)