Monday, April 3, 2017

Challenge Day 7 And More Pay it Forward

The challenge today is A card you got in person and the story behind it. 

I bought this in person in Thunder Bay at a card shop that is no longer in business. 
At the time I paid $15 Canadian for it. It came about when Guzman first entered the scene in Toronto and was a fairly hot commodity. 

Of course, if I waited 20 years, I could get the card for next to nothing.. 


Some Leaf Jays and Expos.
I really like the Dave Martinez photo. Kirk McCaskill also shows up here. 

O Pee Chee Premier! Upper Deck!
Denis Boucher fits into two of my collections. 

More OPC Premier. Ron Hassey finished his career in Montreal. 

More Upper Deck as well as OPC Premier. 

The OPC Premier cards always looked a little amateurish compared to the rest of the offerings around the time. Really, it reminds me of the old Canadian movie joke where the boom mic could be seen in the top of the frame. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 1992 Upper Deck was one of the better sets for photography. 
You can see the focus and intensity on Pat Borders' face... Well.. Eyes... As he catches that pitch. 
Or Roberto Alomar making a great play look routine. 

1993 Upper Deck continues the excellent photography. Rheal Cormier is an uncorrected error card, as they have Moncton, British Columbia as his birthplace. Moncton is in New Brunswick. 

This finishes off the box I received. I'm working on a couple packages for people as well as finally getting some stuff mailed out.. (I'm so sorry to the people waiting... )


  1. Shawn Green looks like he's 15. There are so many cards in the blog post I got a bit dizzy.

    1. At least none of them are 1995 Fleer.. Or 1990 Topps/OPC.. Those could cause nausea..

  2. i collect Gary Carter. how did i miss his 93 UD??? i gave away a ton of those cards. such a great shot!