Thursday, April 13, 2017

Favourite Card of a Favourite Player

So Peter at Baseball Every Night is holding a contest  to celebrate one year blogging. 

His idea is to show off and write about your favourite card of your favourite player.. As long as it's not 1995 Fleer. 

He also threw in the wrinkle that the card's value should be less than $15. 

Well, this is fairly easy for me.. Most of my favourite players have been the more obscure guys.. The role players like F.P. Santangelo, Lou Frazier, Reed Johnson (Though he was a starter for the Jays).. Players like that.. I'd also throw Kevin Pillar into that mix. I don't know how well known he is outside Toronto/Canada. 

But I have to say that one of my favourite players is not really obscure, though he played in the oddball place known as Montreal for a fair bit of his career.. That, of course, is Larry Walker. 

And this is the card.. 1994 Collector's Choice. While it doesn't have the uniforms he started with in Montreal, I did like the pinstripes he's showing off here.

I'm pretty well guaranteeing this was a staged photo. I severely doubt a cameraman was perfectly placed for this shot in game action. But it's just an interesting card. 

So there you have it... If you haven't checked out Peter's blog before, check it out.. 


  1. Mike: that is a fantastic action shot for Walker and thank you for highlighting it, and for participating in the contest. It's a smashing selection. I like the symmetry between Walker and the fielder logo in the bottom right corner. I wonder -- not being so familiar with 1994 Collector's Choice -- if they had other little logo/icons for other poses/action shots. I like the Nationals just fine, but I also miss the Expos. I guess I'm the kind of guy that likes cake and wants to eat it, too.

    1. They used different icons for different positions.
      Pitcher was an icon of a guy with a high leg kick. Infielders was a guy crouched over, Outfield used the one on Walker's card. Catchers seemed to use a batter.. But some of the infielders/outfielders also had the batter.. It was confusing..

      I hate the Nationals.. Almost your 1995 Fleer levels of Passion against it..