Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trade: The Final Plus A Challenge Day

Day 25: A Favourite Oddball from the 1970s

This was from a Hostess set in 1978 I believe. 

I don't own this card..

Today I cover the final part of the trade between myself and TCDB member Noy.

The 1987 Eichhorn finishes off a team set separate from my 1987 Topps set. 
Some 1990 Leaf set. Jays and Expos from the first standalone Leaf set. 

More Jays and Expos.
1990 Leaf Kirk McCaskill. 
1988 Topps to help towards the end of that set. 

More 1988 Topps. 

1993 Pinnacle. I enjoy this set but I'm not sure I would collect it. 

I loved the Then and Now cards from this set. 

All sorts of 1990 Score. Jays and Expos again.

I know not really saying much today. Not really sure what to say recently lol 

Thanks for the trade Noy! I hope you get the cards soon. I mailed them out Friday.