Monday, May 1, 2017

Finishing off Challenges and a Trade Recap

Yes, today I'm cheating and completing the final 5 days of the Challenge Tony L started, despite my not getting them up on Twitter.. 

Day 26: A favourite Oddball from the 1980s.

The 1980s were a wonderland of weird, wonderful sets put out by everyone everywhere. Kmart, 7-11, Post, Kellogg's, and more all had them.. 
Up here Esso even had Hockey sticker albums and stickers as a giveaway almost yearly.

Anyway.. Love the look Bell is giving the camera. 

Day 27: A Favourite Oddball from 1990 or Later

I have to pick the 1992 Nabisco set.. These were really well done. Half the set is Toronto, the other half is Montreal. I have the final one I need on order from COMC (Spent almost $5 on the thing too...) but..... And I lost my train of thought.. Could be the look the drawing of Velez is giving the holder of the card...

As an added bonus... The Jays and Oh Henry put out sets for a few years in the early 2000s. While I don't own this card, I like it. The uniforms pictured are my second favourite Jays uniforms. And the background gives the other information in case you forget the team or year..

Day 28: A Favourite Relic/Manufactured Relic Card

This one is tough... I only own three relic cards in my collection.. (I do have others in my trade pile though) 

I think I have to give it to this one though.. Joe Carter was a major part of the World Series teams in the 1990s. A Jersey/Bat combo card is nice too.. 

Really the only other one I can consider is this one:

So you see the difficulty I had.. 

Day 29: A Favourite Card from Before 1950 whether you own the card or not.

Tip O'Neill from 1887. I obviously do not own this card.. 

Day 30: Your Favourite Card in Your Collection

While this last one is like trying to pick your favourite child (I imagine) or your favourite hair follicle, I have to go with Dave Stieb's rookie card. It's just a great card of a great player...

I recently received a package from TCDB member corozco. I wanted to show off the cards today.

They're all 1989 Topps. One of the sets I'm trying to complete and some extra Jays/Expos for the binders 

The final three I got from him.. Thanks! 

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