Saturday, May 13, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving and a Trade

Well, a rare one today.

I had a charter today, bringing a group of people from Fleming College to Camp Kawartha. 

It's about a 30-45 minute drive from Peterborough. (There is another Camp Kawartha installation nearer the city, but that's more of a day education centre. The place near Young's Point is an actual camp) 

This is part of the dining hall/activity room. I spent most of the day in here while the group was out doing stuff. 

You can see Ghost me taking the picture here.. Animal pelts. 

More of them.. Ghost me returns.. lol 

This is outside the hall I was in. There's more buildings around a field. I like the repurposed micro bird. Basically a decommissioned school bus can still be used, so long as the lights and stop arm are removed/covered. Most will also fully repaint, but this one only has the sides painted white. 

More buildings around, including a tepee. 

The camp is on a lake. You can sort of see the lake through the trees. There are cabins for campers to the left of this photo. 

A little squirrel. 

The building I showed the inside of up top. 

A better look at the field and some of the buildings around. 

To tie this part in as a baseball card post.. Scott Ruskin makes an appearance. 

And again.. 

I'm in the process of a trade with TCDB member Sportzcommish. I recently received his cards but I haven't had a chance to send my end out yet (Sorry!) I've communicated this to him. 
I just don't want him to think I forgot or I suddenly turned bad.. 

Anyway... Cards!

1991 Fleer. Now to sit down and go through the piles of cards to actually update my sets.. lol 

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  1. That's nice that you are able to explore the grounds while the group is doing its own thing.

    91 Fleer is not that bad looking of a set