Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Joy of Sets: 1988 Leaf

Way back when, Donruss had a separate set for Canada (as well as the US base) like Topps did. 
So while we had Topps and Donruss, we also had O Pee Chee and Leaf. In both cases, they tended to be smaller sets using the same design as the US set, but with more Canadian content and bilingual backs.

I hadn't seen many of the Leaf cards from that time frame. When I bought a bunch of boxes off a friend on Facebook, I received a bunch of them. 

I decided I wanted to try to complete the 1988 set, since I already have the Donruss version completed. 

What I'm showing here are cards I recently received from T at Supporting the Minnow. 

I must say I love those uniforms for the Mets that Howard Johnson is modeling. 

I'm not sure if there's image variations in the Leaf/Donruss cards like there were in some years of OPC and Topps. I'd love to check but the TCDB seems to be down and I'm too tired to manually look through my cards..

My Want List for this set is Right Here

(I'm slowly getting it updated on here as well.. I find this is the best way to do it.. )


  1. The older I get... the more and more I appreciate 80's Leaf and OPC sets.

  2. I'm interested to know about variations as well. I was in the early part of my collecting youth in 1988, but I was very into it. To the best of me recollection, the images seem to be the same as Donruss. Hopefully you do plan to research and post. For a nerd like me, it would be a fascinating read.

    1. Just looking through the ones I have, they seem to be the exact same card aside from the French on the backs. No photo variations in 88 anyway..