Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Big Purchase And a Shout out

There was a time where, once the season passed and cards were no longer available, I could not add to a set. Then the internet came along. 

I was able to add to some of the sets through trades, but it still left me with holes in them..

Then came COMC.....

Today is a story of a single minded pursuit and spending more money than intended. 

I've always liked the 1984 Topps design. When I was younger, I got a bunch of 1984 OPC from a cousin of mine. Many times over the course of owning these cards I've been on the fence of actually trying to complete the set.. 

Well, recently I decided it was going to be a set I was going to finish and I put a big dent in it through COMC. I also ended up spending close to $150 CDN in doing so.. (oops)

In a lot of cases, I also picked up a second one for the respective collections. So there may be two of a card scanned.. These were bought by design. 

A Don Mattingly rookie! 
I think that one was, by far, the most expensive card of the group I bought. Of course, I don't think $9.99 is too bad a price for an OPC Mattingly rookie. 

I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to get the Cromartie card. He is shown as an Expo but it has the caption "Now Playing in Japan"
I decided to get it because really, for all intents and purposes, it's an Expos card

Rod Carew. Andre Dawson. Goose Gossage. Paul Molitor. Tom Paciorek. One of these things is not like the others. 

I was almost tempted to see if the Blog's resident Strawberry fanatic, Peter Steinberg, needed this 1984 OPC, but I checked and he has it. 
Pete Rose, while pictured as a Phillie, is listed as an Expo here, so I got two..

So that's the last of the giant group of cards. 

With this purchase, I am 98.2% completed this set. 
As before, my want list for this set is Right Here

Also, Julie over at A Cracked Bat is running a contest. Go check it out!  


  1. Great pickups. You should finish this in short order. I concentrated on Redsox when I pursued OPC. Went back and completed the Bosox run from 65-94. It was a challenge

    1. I can imagine.. For the most part pre-77 I just need Expos and Canadians.

  2. Those are some really great additions to your collection and I hope you complete the set soon. I'll keep my eyes out for any of those that you are missing.

  3. you're almost done! quite an accomplishment!

    1. Indeed.. I found a few more on COMC after I posted it. I just need to buy them lol