Monday, May 8, 2017

Top Ten Cards: Justin Morneau

There's a contest going on at Collecting Cutch who wants entrants to write about their Top 10 favourite cards of a Player they collect. 

I ran into some problem with this though.. 
Yes, I have players I collect, but I consider myself more of a team collector. The only players I collect are Canadians, and I've covered my favourite repeatedly here already. Other favourite players I have I don't collect for different reasons (Price of some cards, not having many cards, etc) or are part of the team collections. 

So I decided I'd show my Top Ten Favourite Justin Morneau cards.. 


I like this card. I don't know why, really. The uniform top looks airbrushed on. Maybe it's the border. 


Morneau as a Twin. 
I confess I mix up the sets from 2010-2014. I don't remember what year this is.. 2011??
I think I'm drawn to this card because of the concentration on his face. You can see him watching the ball into his glove. 


As much as I confuse the years from 2010-2014 Topps, I know Bowman even less. I don't think it's ever really on my radar. 

Anyway. it looks like Justin is mid Home Run Trot here. 


For some reason, I'm thinking this was a uniform the Twins used either as a Sunday Home thing, or was a Throwback night on the road somewhere. I may be wrong though. 


Another Rockies card. This one was from Archives or Heritage.. One of those redundant sets.. 
In any event, the 1983 design is really nice. 


Stadium Club... I really like this card as well. The full photo and no fog/mist/BS.. Just a great photo of Morneau swinging at a pitch. 


This is another one I can't really explain.. I just like it.. It may be a little high if I'm doing a 10-1 list.. I think for the most part, it's in no particular order until #1.. 


One of the few relic cards in my collection. 


This one is interesting, though at the same time, the borders can be a little much. (How many people are this critical about their favourite cards of a favourite player, eh?)

In a way it almost reminds me of the "Special Presentation" graphic TV stations used in the 80s. 

Anyway, Justin on the follow through of his swing.. 


And finally... I really like this one.. The background definitely nails the feeling of the era the cards originally came out in. 
So there you have it.. My Top 10. 


  1. Thanks for entering the contest. I always liked Morneau and for the month plus he was on the Pirates was a great addition to the team. I wonder what could have been if the Pirates had resigned him for the 2014 season.

  2. Awesome selection of Morneau cards.

  3. #9 is from 2012 Topps. Surprising number of Rockies cards in here given that he played for the Twins so much longer.

    1. Thanks.. Like I said, I get them confused..