Thursday, May 25, 2017

Set Collecting: 1990 Topps

This afternoon I received a box in the mail from the Night Owl. 
I opened the box and staring back at me was a bunch of 1990 goodness... 

Topps and Donruss

I went through the Topps cards tonight and can now update my collection status on it. 

The Mattingly and Biggio are completely new to me. The McCaskill is the second in my collection, going into the Canadians binder. 

One of these three is not like the others.. 
The Gozzo card is one of two I need. This one went into the set, the second I get at some point will go into the binder. 

In general, the non-Expos/Jays I needed were the more well-known players.
The Walker is one of three I need for my collections. As before, this one will go into my set, while the next one will go into the Expos binder, and the final one will go into the Canadians. 

Now, to update what I need:


  1. All right! A list! I bet I can find some of those.

    1. And today I hope to have my 1990 Donruss list up as well lol