Thursday, June 1, 2017

Marc Has Puhl Here

Not long ago, Marc posted on his blog Remember The Astrodome  that he remembered reading a Canadian or ex-pat Canadian collected Terry Puhl. 
Being an Astros collector, he had a bunch that he set aside but couldn't remember who it was that collected. 

A commenter showed my player collection post for Puhl which reminded him that it was me. One e-mail later to give my address, a bunch of Terry Puhl cards were on their way.

I scanned the ones I needed from the pile he sent. Much 80s love here. 

Now that middle card.... That was a surprise for sure. 
In hand, the auto is hard to read due to the colour of the ink, but it's definitely appreciated. 

Thank you Marc! I just hope that at some point, I can help you out with your collection. 


  1. You're welcome! I played basketball in middle school with Terry's kid Stephen. I remember bringing Terry a stack to sign one game. Happy to psd one along!

  2. Sweet haul of cards. You really Puhled in some good ones. Sorry, had to.

    Those 1988 and 1989 Fleer's crack me up so much. Effectively the same bloody picture! I wonder how many others are virtually the same between the two sets.

    1. I noticed that.. The only difference is the bat lol