Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Adventures in Bus Driving: Treetop Trekking

So this week started out with charters. I have charters all week, and will likely have for the next three until school ends. 

Yesterday I went someplace I've never been before. I brought a group to a place called Treetop Trekking Ganaraska.

It's a Zipline park in a protected forest. 

This is the building they went to. There's other buildings around as well, such as a canteen (that wasn't open) and an education/information centre.

There's the information centre I mentioned.

A bunch of different things that they have posted up there. 

It may not be a Toronto one, but it's a Blue Jay! Got a few pictures of that little guy. 

Now just to tie this in with baseball cards.. When I made that big purchase of 1984 OPC, I also bought these three 1978s.

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  1. Cool bluejay! Did you guys happen to go zip lining?