Tuesday, April 23, 2024

1981 Donruss Jays

 Hello Friends!

I know I've been a little sporadic with posting on this account lately. I apologize. I've been dealing with some issues still, but I'm getting a little better. I have been posting on my personal blog, In My Own Words. But anyway.

I've started my organization again finally.. I'm working on my Donruss Jays Binder. I'm done 1981 right now. 

I have most of the team set, but am missing a few..

These are the cards I'm missing: 

I'm probably going to take a look on Sportlots at the end of the month when I get some money again, but if I'm able to work out a trade with someone, I'd prefer that.. If anyone can help me out, let me know, either here or at 

matson67 at hotmail dot com

Have a wonderful day friends, and GO JAYS!


  1. 1981 Donruss were some of the first packs I ever opened. Sadly I didn't hold on to them. Picked a few up here and there over the years, but it's one of the least represented sets in my 80's binder. Best of luck landing the final four you need for your team set. This post inspired me to grab a copy of that Ainge for my binder. It was less than a buck on COMC. I'm guessing the other three are even cheaper.