Thursday, April 11, 2024

A Run of Stiebs

 Hello Friends!

Today I want to do something I've seen on the Twitmachine. 

A career run of a player... Obviously from the title, it's Dave Stieb. 

Stieb's rookie card in 1980. 

I included the team leaders cards he was on as well. 

I don't know why but I really like the look of the 85 set. If I were to collect though, it'd be the OPC. 

I'm debating. I have the Topps set.. I have most of the OPC set.. Do I keep both?

1993 was his last card as a Jay. He does have an Upper Deck 93 card as a White Sox player, but nothing in Topps.. 

I included this one but not the other retired Archives cards I have because this one actually has his time with the Sox and his return in 1998 

I'm thinking of doing some other career runs as I finish them.. I mean I could cheat and do a Peter Hoy one which is one card, and not even Topps.. But I digress..

Have a great day and Go Jays!


  1. That's a great look at his cards. I think I have them all except maybe '92.

  2. Try Minnie Mendoza... Fun post!! Good to see you posting.

    1. The ones that would be easiest for me would be Jays/Expos/Canadians.

  3. Man, I didn't even know Stieb ever played for the White Sox. Apparently there's a Fleer Ultra of him, too. Nick missed him for Short-Term Stops.

    1. Yeah he spent part of 93 with the Sox. They cut him. He signed with the Royals and went to Omaha. Then retired and came back in 98 after being a guest instructor at Spring Training.

  4. I've been tackling a few Topps career runs too. Working on Rickey right now... but I'll have to build one for Stieb too. He's the only MLB player to come out of the high school I attended.

  5. Nice work (from both of us at "Today In Dave Stieb History" (@DaveStiebToday) on Twitter! 😎💪🏼🔥